Patient Enrichment Program: This program is also known as our Client Assistance Program. The purpose of this program is to supplement emergency needs for Utilities, Transportation, Prescriptions, Food, and Housing. To receive this assistance the client must complete an intake interview form to determine the need. Once this has been completed, it is reviewed for approval by the Executive Director.

Educational Program: This program is a field services program. The counselor/educator frequents the health departments, schools, and health fairs in the (10) ten counties served. The purpose is to educate the general public about Sickle Cell Disease and teach individuals with Sickle Cell Disease how to manage and lead productive lives. Individuals can setup one on one appointments with the counselor/educator or attend activities hosted by foundation and support groups.

Support Group:  The NASCF support group consists of families and friends of Sickle Cell clients for the purpose of providing a vehicle by which these families may get to know each other to discuss a common problem, and to mutually support each other and respond to emotional needs created by a chronic illness.  Please contact the Foundation for more information.


Counseling: This service is provided based upon referrals from partnerships with health departments, social service agencies, physicians or hospitals. Genetic testing is done here at the Foundation. Counseling is given to those who are found to have the Sickle Cell Trait or Sickle Cell Disease. Counseling gives the individual valuable information concerning the genetic inheritance of sickle hemoglobins and how to safely manage their lifestyle and make wise future decisions.

Screening: Since 1989, newborns are screened for Sickle Cell Conditions at birth. The Foundations offer in-house screening to all individuals who desire to be tested. This screening is confidential. Newborn Screening reports are automatically forward to us form The Alabama Department of Public Health. We are to contact the parents of the newborn child or children upon the receipt of the report, by letter, to inform them of our advocacy services and setup up a formal counseling. Counseling will not be provided by telephone.

Summer Camp:  The NASCF provides overnight camp for children with sickle cell disease, who because of serious medical complications are not able to attend traditional camps.  The NASCF realizes that children with sickle cell disease need space and time to be kids.  By attending camp, they can take a break and be more than just a child with sickle cell disease.  The daily activities are the same as found at any other camp program; however they are tailored to meet the physical needs of children with sickle cell disease.  Camps are staffed by a team of volunteer physicians, nurses, social workers, cabin counselors and program specialists.